The Integrated Contractor Purchasing Team (ICPT) is established to : (1) aggressively pursue strategic sourcing opportunities that leverage DOE-wide spend; (2) award strategic agreements that result in lower total cost of ownership for DOE contractors through reduced prices and streamlined procurement processes; (3) develop long term strategic sourcing strategies via an established Executive Steering Council and Site Champions; (4) provide communication on strategic sourcing initiatives, marketing methodology and procurement related issues to the DOE contractor community via the ICPT Site Champions; and (5) provide opportunities to Small Businesses.


Executive Steering Council
Under the leadership of the Chair, the Executive Steering Council shall:  

  • Identify the targets, goals and objectives of the ICPT
  • Approve commodities/services, initiatives, subgroups, and designees for ICPT action items to meet the ICPT objectives
  • Facilitate professional and timely administration of existing agreements
  • Provide a monthly spend and savings report to the ICPT community
  • Conduct an annual face to face meeting
  • Conduct monthly conference calls
  • Develop and maintain communication tools to elevate the visibility of the ICPT team and agreements
  • Coordinate efforts with other strategic sourcing groups and campaigns at the federal, agency and contractor levels
  • Maintain and update agreement templates, terms and conditions, and governance documents

Site Champions

  • Serve as their company’s point of contact for ICPT
  • Actively participate on monthly calls and attend face to face meetings as scheduled
  • Serve as the communication liaison between the Executive Steering Council and their company’s management
  • Evaluate their company’s procurement needs and encourage use of ICPT agreements as appropriate
  • Bring their company’s strategic sourcing needs to the ICPT
  • Provide spend data to the Executive Steering Council as requested
  • Participate on procurement teams for new agreements
  • Encourage procurement staff at their company to participate on teams for new agreements and provide mentoring to those individuals
  • Ensure agreements held by their company are proactively administered according to sound procurement practices