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Updated: June 2015

The members of the ICPT Executive Steering Council invite your suggestions and comments. The council recognizes that working together we can make improvements that will take us into the future with strength, assurance, and confidence.

Last Name First Name E-mail Phone
Armijo Maureen 505-665-2098
Baca-Asplund Paulette 505-844-2983
Baldwin Brooks 865-576-7151
Durkin Brianna 509-371-7742
Clemons Scott
Crosby Laura 510-495-2607
Davis Jeff 202-287-1877
Detten Jody 806-477-3829
Ernst Samantha 509-376-7174
Flanagan-Roque Kathee 303-275-3124
Fox Kevin 631-344-6185
Hill Landon 865-574-7038
Huckabee Kealan 865-241-1498
Hutchinson Diane 510-486-6432
Johnston Stefanie 208-526-5063
Kwiatkowski Joseph 716-942-4966
Lichtenberg Greg 509-376-1082
Lloyd Danny 757-269-7121
McClaggan Cheri 650-926-7402
Nanez Sharon 702-295-2649
Rhodes Bryan 816-488-7186
Southwick Shawna 208-522-0060
Stout Dan 208-526-7374
Swanson Jim 925-423-4535
Walsh William M. 630-252-7045
Webb Elizabeth 816-488-6974
Wright Lorri 803-952-6123

ICPT Executive Steering Council
ICPT Chair
Baldwin Brooks 865-576-7151
ICPT Vice-Chair
Roque Kathee 303-275-3124
ICPT Secretary
Johnston Stefanie 208-526-5063
ICPT Communications Officer