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Updated: March 2010


The Integrated Contractor Purchasing Team's (ICPT) objective is to provide "Guiding Principles" that incorporate best practices in the selection of both commodities/services and suppliers. The strategic selection of commodities/services and suppliers will enhance long-term relationships with suppliers and maximize process and cost savings within the Department of Energy (DOE) Complex.


The ICPT philosophy is to 1) leverage the buying power of the DOE Complex to achieve the most favorable purchasing arrangements and pricing; 2) avoid unnecessary duplication in the acquisition process; 3) establish long-term relationships with quality suppliers, to optimize the number of suppliers per commodity as much as practicable;, and 4) primarily focus on the acquisition of commercial off-the-shelf commodities and commercial services through small, small disadvantaged, woman owned, Hubzone, Veteran-Owned, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned or other minority business enterprises.


Recommendations of Commodity/Service candidates can be initiated by the ICPT or by individual sites and shall be handled in accordance with the following guidelines.


Maintain a candidate list of commodities/services
Request information from the DOE complex as deemed appropriate
Select commodities/services and charter cross-complex procurement teams to research and establish agreements
Update progress to the DOE and NNSA Procurement Executives and their respective committees.
Coordinate with DOE Headquarters' Leverage Buying Team, NNSA SCMC, and NNSA Service Center as appropriate


Review site requirements for applicability to the complex
Notify the ICPT Steering Committee of appropriate pending procurement actions
Proceed based on ICPT recommendation


The ICPT Steering Committee will provide an ICPT Sponsor for each chartered team. The Sponsor will coordinate with the Team Lead to ensure that the team understands the ICPT concept and update the Steering Committee on Team progress. The Procurement Team will normally consist of the following:

ICPT Sponsor
Team Lead
Multi-site team members - both purchasing professionals, technical professionals, and quality assurance professionalsas deemed appropriate by the team

The Procurement Team will be responsible for the following actions:

Determine through market research and complex-wide interest if a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) is appropriate
Establish a procurement schedule
Communicate status of the procurement to the ICPT Sponsor
Utilize the ICPT Strategic Sourcing Plan to award and administer the BOA
Document the procurement action (justification/summary) addressing all areas of the ICPT Strategic Sourcing Plan and provide this justification, upon request, to using DOE contractors
Provide the ICPT Homepage administrator with appropriate and complete information for BOA publication on the ICPT Homepage
Administer BOA
Serve as point of contact for complex-wide requests for information relative to BOA
Provide ICPT Sponsor with complex-wide $ savings quarterly or upon request
Answer all inquiries relative to the awarded BOA (DOE Field Offices, DOE-HQ, IG, etc.)


The following "Guiding Principles" will be incorporated into the acquisition strategy and utilized during the supplier selection process by the individual purchasing teams as deemed appropriate.

Identify the major suppliers presently providing the product/service
Perform market research to identify viable small, small disadvantaged and other minority business enterprises providing the product/service
Down select to the appropriate number of suppliers
Communicate with the selected suppliers (National Account Manager or equal), and introduce the ICPT concept making sure that the supplier is interested in participating in this concept.
The following value characteristics (evaluation criteria) may be considered and should be included in any resultant agreement as appropriate:

  On-time delivery rate
  Quality performance rating
  Innovative approaches
  Leading technology record
  Market stature
  Reputation in the complex/market
  Electronic commerce capability
  Geographical capability
  Organizational and financial stability
  Price competitiveness
  Socioeconomic program (local suppliers, small/small disadvantaged supplier, etc.)

Use "best value" selection techniques and methodology; i.e., oral presentations, non-scored evaluations, etc.
Validate information as appropriate
Based on the above information and good business sense, award to the "best value" supplier(s)
Notify ICPT, and post synopsis on the ICPT Home Page


The ICPT agrees to:

Provide the supplier with a listing of DOE major contractors and their points of contact
Support and promote the agreement within the complex
Provide presence on the World Wide Web through the ICPT Home page
Maintain full and open communication

The Supplier agrees to: When appropriate these elements should be written into any resultant agreement as performance criteria.

Strive for 100% On-Time Delivery
Strive for 100% Quality Assurance Compliance
Provide materials and services through small, small disadvantaged, woman owned, Hubzone, or other minority business enterprises if requested by a particular site
Stay on the cutting edge of technology of their market
Institute continuous improvement to provide the BEST PRICING to all DOE contractors
Provide any new market information that could enhance the M&O/M&I performance
Provide usage reports to the ICPT and the M&O/M&I primary point of contact to include site participation, dollars, volume, quality and delivery performance
Market the agreement throughout the DOE complex
Work with individual sites to incorporate the agreement into site specific order/agreements


The agreement will consist of either:

A BOA placed in accordance with a GSA Schedule to include modified pricing
A BOA utilizing the generic ICPT BOA format and ICPT commercial terms and/or software license agreement


The Purchasing Team Lead or his or her designee will traditionally have responsibility to administer the subsequent ICPT BOA. The Administrator shall:

Negotiate needed pricing changes, period of performance changes, scope changes, or other required changes to the BOA agreement, executing change notices appropriately
Provide copies of all negotiated changes to the ICPT for posting on the ICPT Homepage
Address and resolve supplier performance problems or concerns
Elevate supplier performance problems or concerns to the ICPT for awareness or assistance
Provide requested information to the ICPT for reporting purposes